Apeironology of Architecture
Apeironology The ancient Greek word “APEIRON” encapsulates our design philosophy, and also leads us to endless thinking, research and practice towards the origin of architecture. Opening boundaries, not restricted to definitions; Crossing disciplinary, not limited to typologies. We take each project as an adventure to some ignored wonderlands, where humanity is re-connected with nature in an immediate way. Each of our designs is derived from nature and integrated with humanity. Following the hidden laws behind phenomena, we use space as a medium to create poetic moments that reveal the original beauty of everything. 

Mythology of Everyday life

There are amazing paradoxes in a world of imagination, where an answer is a question, an ending is a beginning, space is time, and an illusion is reality. The same creator of humans also made these masterpieces in nature a long, long time ago, from which we learn the mysterious way of creation. In the chaos of our daily work, not only may architecture become everything, but also everything may be turned into architecture. Human beings are the measure of everything. We are interested in the oldest prototypes from anthropology. We also believe architecture is not only an evolution of changing environments and functions, but a primitive form compounded by various desires.

Towards An Evolutionary Architecture

Design is often in a constant cycle of questions and answers. We never set boundaries for answers, which is one serious danger in architectural practice. Limited answers result in buildings losing their lasting vitality. Therefore, we often modify the original requirement book to redefine the core strategy and goals of the design through communication with the owner. Architecture should be constantly defined by real-world problems and solutions, rather than static templates of history. Our approach is not limited to traditional space, but to the behavioral psychology behind geometry, which determines how space is combined around human needs. In the meantime, we are also interested in unrolling the timeline of space to provide unlimited possibilities for future imagination, so that architecture will become a participant and creator of future life.

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