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Fashion School of Xiamen Polytechnic University

Floating Micro Campus

General Information

Project Type
Project location
Xiamen, Fujian, China
Completion Year
Gross Built Area
19800 m²
Lead Architect
Yunchao Xu
Design Team
Jiachuan Qi, Hongrui Liu, Jianxuan Chen, Kan Gao, Shengjie Zhang, Fu Zhou, Jiwei Gao, Qiang Ou, Xiaoyu Li
Construction Documents/HVAC
Fuzhou University Architectural Design Institute
Xiamen Polytechnic University
Photo credits
Qiang Ou, Hang Dang, Shengjie Zhang

In this floating micro campus, everyone can freely select, switch or shuffle in music composing, visual study, fashion design, film production, recording remix, dance rehearsal, etc., creating new possibilities for the fusion of various arts.

——Yunchao Xu


The site is located on an irregular triangular plot on the border of Xiamen Polytechnic University. The new Fashion School is connected to the old teaching buildings in the north and faces the urban village under renovation in the south. At the junction of the school and the city, we adopted a strategy of reversing the positive and negative backgrounds and interweaving the solid blocks with void spaces. The convex and concave geometry organically integrates the building and the landscape. On the one hand, it maintains an appropriate distance from the urban village to avoid negative noise interference; on the other hand, it forms a positive dialogue with the public space and landscape of the city.


We consider the whole building as a floating micro campus with vertical communities. Various architectural elements become a series of continuous and changing public spaces. On one side is a teaching building formed by stacking standard classrooms, while on the other side there are customized studios as featured plug-ins hanging from the main board. The floating volumes release a flowing ground space from the site, which has become a favorite place for students to hang out. The continuous semi-outdoor space provides a unique stage for art performances, band performances, and even fashion shows.


The four featured plug-ins are tailored according to different course designs, including the Central Auditorium, Skylight Painting Studio, Photography Studio, and Recording Studio. The central auditorium is a multi-functional hub space with a giant sliding door behind the stage. When the stage door is closed, it's a 350-seat black-box theater, and when the door is open, it becomes an open exhibition hall towards the super catwalk runway. Between the studios and standard classrooms, there is “the Giant Bookshelf” composed of straight stairs, linear corridors and 24 sky terrace squares. Everyone can use each platform flexibly, making this space an event generator full of surprises in the future.